peak climbing in Nepal | trekking peak w/ Yala peak and Mardi Himal

Being the home of highest peaks in the world, Himalayas have largest list of peaks for climbing. Only the quarter of 1,310 peaks above 6,000 m are made available for climbing. Those peaks officially opened for climbing are known as ‘Trekking peaks’. Trekking peaks ranges from 5,800 m to 6,500 m, goes beyond the bitten trail and above the snowline, making it the next level adventure to the trek. 
Peak climbing in the Himalayas offers best of both, the teahouse trekking and mountaineering experience. Most popular and easily accessible 27 peaks are categorized as ‘Trekking peaks’ by Nepal mountaineering association. Other 6 peaks out of 33 have been recently made available for avid trekkers to step into next adventure. However, all of them need mountaineering equipment, technical climbing guide and camping arrangements for at least a day.
Peak climbing in Nepal is an adventure sport that allows novice as well as old hand an opportunity to learn and try their next step of adventure.  We help you choose the right peak that fits your skills and fitness and also provide basic training while acclimatizing at the higher camps. The climbing trip is led by professional and experienced climbing guides with several experiences of 8,000 m expeditions.